Monday, December 6, 2010

I did it...

I always get off work before Trey. It's great. Come home, kick off my boots for about five minutes--only five minutes Meade, and then you need to go to the gym. I turn on Bravo, Millionaire Matchmaker, yes!--ok Meade, only ten minutes and then the gym!

Millionaire Matchmaker or any show on Bravo, is my time to unwind. I watch, I snack, I forget about school, and I catch up on all the Internet activity I missed that day. This could take hours, but remember, I only have ten minutes. Focus. Ten minutes goes fast and I start dreaming of reasons not to go to the gym:

1) I have been on my feet all day, maybe I should take today off, and I will start back tomorrow.
2) The floors need vacuuming. If I vacuum then that counts as a workout...right?
3) Before I vacuum, better check my email once more.
4) That reminds me, I wonder if those pictures are up on Facebook...what pictures? Oh, I'm sure there are pictures...

AND this is where all hopes of going to the gym are lost on me. Facebook. Ten minutes in Facebook time turns into 5:45pm when Trey is walking in the door. Which reminds me..

5) I have to cook dinner
6) I haven't started my lesson plans
7) Oh no, the floors are still not vacuumed.

No, there is no possible way I can go to the gym today. Since I have decided not to go to the gym, this will give me plenty of time to clean the house, cook dinner, plan for school, and start a blog. And I did it...

I started my blog, my bare feet on our messy floor, while eating Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, and wondering what my class will do tomorrow. Enjoy.


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  1. Love it!! Hope you will continue to blog. I will be a faithful blog follower. :-)

    Aunt Susan