Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fly By Christmas, Bye Bye Christmas

Where did December go? Christmas comes and goes every year, but this year Christmas seemed to be on Obama's fast-track plan to take over the white house. You remember that plan...The time when we had no idea who Barack Obama was, and then *POOF* Hello Mr. President. Has it only been two years? I guess the difference is that Christmas left me happy and wanting more...ooops, I'm off track.

The point is, I am just not ready to take down my beautiful pink, purple, red, and gold Christmas tree!

Trey and I have enjoyed sitting in the den, and enjoying the beautiful Christmas lights coming from the tree in the dining room. So how long can we leave it up? You know, before the Homeowners Association comes knockin'...

Our Christmas started off at Trey's parents house in the Delta. It was lovely. We really enjoyed getting to see our 2 and a half year old nephew get so excited about all his presents. He is at a very fun age, and it was special to see the magic of Christmas through his innocent eyes. After laughter and lots of catching up, we headed to Huntsville to do Christmas with my family.

It was again, a lovely time. There, we enjoyed seeing our 9 month old nephew eat all his presents. Not quite as exciting when it came time to open, but still magical and lots of fun. In Huntsville, we shared two wonderful nights with the whole family. We laughed so hard that we were crying most of the time, and Christmas ended with my Grandmother playing beer pong in her mink stole, but that's another blog. It's times like those, when the whole family is together, that I really wish Trey and I lived in Huntsville, but I know God has a plan for us, and right now, we are where we need to be.

Christmas was fun, and definitely all about family (as Christmas should be) but I did get some wonderful gifts...

Elizabeth gave me this, and although I don't like to pick favorites, this is probably it. It is a painting from a local artist in Huntsville and it is of the church that Trey and I got married in. I will forever cherish this painting. The first thing I did when I got back to Clinton, was get this framed. I took it to Hobby Lobby, picked out a frame, and had them put it together. Just as the guy got it perfectly fit into the frame, he took his finger and ran it all the way down, from the steeple, to the rod iron fence. He lifted his finger and announced to all of Hobby Lobby, "Oh, it's just a print." Then he threw a piece of glass in it, and handed me my ticket.

Um..excuse me sir, what would you have done if it hadn't been a print? You don't think that prints can get fingerprints on them too? I demand that you give me this frame for free!

All of these thoughts ran through my head, and I couldn't decide which to say, but I knew I had to say it fast or ugly words might be added, and being banned from Hobby Lobby might be the worst thing I could imagine (Trey wouldn't mind). "I love my print, thanks for framing it." That's what I said? That's how it came out? Meade, you are mad! That man just ran his finger down YOUR CHURCH! "Have a great day." Damn it. I was snubbed by the Hobby Lobby frame guy.

Not very exciting to those of you who aren't married, but Trey and I desperately needed this utensil spinning thing. Don't judge me. Thanks mom!

My mother-in-law gave me a gift card to Belk, and I bought this maroon dress for New Years Eve. Trey's dad gave us Gator Bowl tickets for Christmas, so we will be in Jacksonville at the Dawg Pound Party on New Years Eve. The maroon is perfect. Of course I needed new shoes as well...

Ahhh...that's better.

Oh yea, I got one other gift...it came a little before Christmas. Just a little something Trey picked up for me in Alabama...

A new Nissan Murano. Love.

Black leather interior, just like my old Pathfinder (Patty, for those of you who knew her.) Maggie, errr...my new car, even has a nifty little backup camera. Would have come in handy when I lived on South Nash. It also has not one, but TWO sunroofs (actually, I think one is a "moon roof" but same thing)! Heaven.

Of course, it wasn't really even my car, until I completed it with this...

Hail State! Thanks Trey!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top ten things I will never understand about myself...

#10- If it costs $4.99 and comes from TJ Maxx, I'm buying it. No matter what it is, or what it looks like.

#9- I'm nosy. Not in the normal, "Oh, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall.." kind of way. No, no. This is much worse. I get anxious about surprises. I was the kid who snuck downstairs three weeks before Christmas and unwrapped all my gifts, held letters to my parents up to the sun, stopped walking in public places to finish listening to the conversations of strangers, actually, I'm still guilty of this, but you get it. I'm nosy.

#8- The touch or smell of a Popsicle stick, literally makes me gag. If you are now giving your computer screen a puzzled stare, see blog title. I can't answer your questions about this one. It's just fact.

#7- I still think that I can sleep until 5:45am and have plenty of time to make it to work.

#6- If I don't like an outfit, instead of jazzing it up and rocking it, I'll stand, shoulders hunched, knees bent, arms, practically dragging the ground, and announce, "I look dumpy," before going in my closet and changing back into the first outfit I tried on.

which brings me to number 5...

#5- No matter how many times I change outfits for an occasion, I always end up picking the first one I tried on. Admitting this now makes it painfully obvious that Trey might not deserve a slap on the arm when he says, "No, really, that one looks fine."

#4- I'm one of those weird people, who actually enjoys change.

#3- I currently can't remember where I put my purse, but I could tell you every song that came on the radio on my way to work.

#2- I cry at the wrong time. Take my most recent Undercover Boss example...let's just say the show ended with Trey giving me a hug while I wept, "They are just so lucky to work at Subway."

and the number one thing I will never understand about myself...

#1- I hate eggs. I've never liked eggs, but I continue to try them once a year, hoping I can finally say without a guilty conscience, "I'm not picky, I'll eat anything."


Monday, December 6, 2010

I did it...

I always get off work before Trey. It's great. Come home, kick off my boots for about five minutes--only five minutes Meade, and then you need to go to the gym. I turn on Bravo, Millionaire Matchmaker, yes!--ok Meade, only ten minutes and then the gym!

Millionaire Matchmaker or any show on Bravo, is my time to unwind. I watch, I snack, I forget about school, and I catch up on all the Internet activity I missed that day. This could take hours, but remember, I only have ten minutes. Focus. Ten minutes goes fast and I start dreaming of reasons not to go to the gym:

1) I have been on my feet all day, maybe I should take today off, and I will start back tomorrow.
2) The floors need vacuuming. If I vacuum then that counts as a workout...right?
3) Before I vacuum, better check my email once more.
4) That reminds me, I wonder if those pictures are up on Facebook...what pictures? Oh, I'm sure there are pictures...

AND this is where all hopes of going to the gym are lost on me. Facebook. Ten minutes in Facebook time turns into 5:45pm when Trey is walking in the door. Which reminds me..

5) I have to cook dinner
6) I haven't started my lesson plans
7) Oh no, the floors are still not vacuumed.

No, there is no possible way I can go to the gym today. Since I have decided not to go to the gym, this will give me plenty of time to clean the house, cook dinner, plan for school, and start a blog. And I did it...

I started my blog, my bare feet on our messy floor, while eating Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, and wondering what my class will do tomorrow. Enjoy.